a work in progress

a work in progress

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

work in progress

could it be?  yes, i am back!  thanks to eric breathing down my neck to get things rolling again.  so sit back and relax and watch what has happened the past year and a half (FOR REAL????!!!!).  can't wait to get things caught back up!  it has been a journey since the winter of 2013 (sooooooo embarrassed).  get ready, because it is always a work in progress!

Monday, June 9, 2014

melted quickly

i know that this winter was tough for everyone, clarksville tennessee included!  this was a very early ice storm in the season.  so pretty.  it does shut the town down though! luckily is melted quickly.

being challenged

kadence and three of her classmates were first on a classroom team for S.T.E.M ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) where they had to complete a specific challenge.  One team from each grade from all elementary schools were then invited to Austin Peay State University and presented another challenge, where they completed their work on site and presented their work.  Such an honor to be invited here!  Like to see these fourth graders being challenged!

waited for food

every year i do a photo shoot of the kiddos in place of buying school photos.  maybe someday i will regret not having school photos of them, but probably not - ha!  anyway, we stopped for mexican food afterwards.  they posed for one more photo for me as we waited for food.

make wigs

 here is her hair cut, dried and ready to mail off to be used to make wigs!

being pampered

for many months now, kadence has been growing out here hair in order to donate 8 inched to Pantene Beautiful Lengths in order to make a FREE (Locks of Love do not give their wigs away!) wig for individuals fighting cancer.  so proud of this little girl making such a huge change to benefit another person.  plus i think she really liked being pampered.

road trip too

on the way home from missouri, we stopped at the St. Louis Zoo.  i wish we had more time, what a FABULOUS zoo!  for the short amount of time we were there, the kiddos had a great time.  it was a nice way to break up the road trip too.