a work in progress

a work in progress

Friday, May 28, 2010

here we go again

catching everyone up here, on our last post eric was promoted and ty had his tonsil/adenoid surgery.  that seemed like years ago - not weeks!  ty is recovering nicely and is doing well.  he is using his 'new' mouth in more productive ways, like crying and throwing fits!  w.o.w. this is something i didn't deal with with the girls.  the tantrums. fun. nothing like being 'that person' in the store.  you know it is going to be bad when you pull up to the store and ty starts saying "no no no, i don't go in 'der!"  hopefully this is just the terrible twos, boy style and we will work through this!

kambel is my hippie.  a free spirit.  dress up queen.  flower lover.  animal expert.  she just learned how to swing - by herself.  she will swing for hours on end.  nice!  she loves frogs.  she finished up preschool with flying colors and is excited to be a part of the four year old class next year.  me too.  she does so well in school.  here she is exploring frogs from the yard.  she knows to how to pick them up and wait until they pee and then she can handle them more.  notice the dress up clothes in the background.  she believes in fairytales too.  she keeps telling me that when she gets bigger she will grow up and kiss a frog and he will be her prince.

kadence is my little mama.  that is what we called her for so many years.  little mama.  she is such a big help.  she had the first 'accident' of her first five years this past week.  she was at school and was resting her chin on a pencil and she slipped, and the pencil stabbed her in the back of the throat.  it was nasty.  it turned into a huge mess too.  that evening i took her to the doctor when she started to get a little fever.  they said she was fine and sent me home, i at least thought i would get an antibiotic in case of the pencil being dirty etc.  loooooong story short, her tonsil started to swell so much that it nearly blocked her airway by thursday evening.  i took her back in friday morning and these doctors were shocked.  they ordered a CT scan to see what was causing the swelling.  there was a build up of puss behind the tonsil.  they admitted her to the hospital started and iv antibiotic, steroids and fluids.  if she didn't respond to the drugs, then they would have to cut and drain the injury.  did i mention that eric already deployed when all this happened?  never fails!  she ended up responding extremely well to the meds and was released from the hospital the next day.  we have been playing catch up since then.  kadence is doing so well now, back to being my little mama.  she and kambel start swim lessons tomorrow.  it should be so fun!

eric arrived to afghanistan safely.  he has been gone two weeks today.  it seems longer already.  that isn't a good sign.  we had a good send off, not too emotional, more like "i can't believe we are going to do this again"...  we love you honey!  here are the pictures as we waited with him before he left.  ty really liked his weapon.

catching up.  it is good!  i will keep things up to date now.  hopefully no more pencil stabbings, or deployments mixed in.  just lazy summer days, melting ice cream cones and road trips.  here we go again.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


we are alive, just really far behind.  don't give up on the blog!  i will be dumping photos and messages soon!
love to all

Sunday, May 9, 2010

off to the zoo

off to the zoo

so proud of him

eric was promoted to CW2 on thursday.  yay! we are so proud of him! 

i told the girls to listen or they would have to do push  ups.  ha!

yummy strawberries

our yearly visit to the strawberry patch.  so much fun.  so many yummy strawberries.

in the street

after the rains stopped we got to go play in the water.  in the street.

it was still raining

right after ty's surgery, the rains began to pour.  and pour. and pour.  my goodness it was crazy.  it took this entire last week to dry up.  it was amazing.  our neighbors went out on their boat and caught these shots.  the first one was before the river crested (it was still raining). 

getting some rest

time to play catch up!  MAN this has been a crazy 10 days!  first ty's surgery.  he had his tonsils and adenoids taken out, mainly for his breathing/snoring.  the doc said the adenoids were blocking about 90% of whatever it blocks (it is all a blur now), but it was causing him to snore - loudly - and the tonsils were beginning their routines of infections.  he is doing wonderfully now!!  praise god! 

daddy stopping by on his lunch to say hi

enjoying the popcicles (not really!)

getting some rest