a work in progress

a work in progress

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

together too

my lovely sister and i were trying to have a serious picture taken together before we left for dinner.  wellllll.  she wouldn't hold still and was being silly.  ughhh little sisters.  I LOVE MINE!  you crack me up sister rae.  we went for cupcakes together too...

my kiddos

i love it when the kids all go and play (nicely) together.  here they were playing with barbies, a horse, a barbie chair, and the bed of a semi-trailer.  they tied the chair on the horse for barbie and got the trailer tied up too, and pulled a polly pocket car!  love my kiddos

along the way

right after the kiddos left for the first day of school, eric and his brother mark, jumped on their motorcycles and headed out on a long road trip.  they started here in clarksville and traveled to texas and back.  it took about a week and they were able to stop and visit family and friends along the way. 


here are the girls on their first day of school.  kambel started KiNDergaRTen!  yay kambel!!  kadence started second grade.  look out world!  my babies are both in school...gulp

Friday, January 6, 2012

first class ride

the kids found a lucky passenger to take a first class ticket on the next flight out.  mr. frog loved his break from hopping all day and enjoyed a few drinks in his first class ride.


my three little (summer) monkeys

out of order....but ya get the point....

anything better

one of our favorite things to do on a lazy summer day is go out in the back yard and make smores.  can ya think of anything better?