a work in progress

a work in progress

Friday, April 26, 2013

millions of people

in mid december eric and i were able to attend his winter formal with fifth group. the formal was at gaylord opryland hotel in nashville.  we were able to stay the night and just enjoy ourselves! the kiddos were with grandpa for the night. hardly any photos, but we captured a few among the craziness of traffic and millions of people.  

see it closer

well.  in late fall i decided to go outside and trim up a few bushes before the winter set in here.  i am the official hedge trimmer in the house, i love doing it, love the tool, but this day it didn't love me.  my fingers got a little too close to the electric blades and snipped the tip of two fingers.  once it happened, i kept going, thinking it was just the cold weather as to why my fingers were throbbing.  after a few minutes i ran up to eric to have him take a look (my hand was in a fist the entire time), he took one look and loaded me up.  there was no bleeding until we got to the ER, when i took the pressure off.  ended up with a fracture and five stitches.  photos are from my phone, so sorry for the quality...not that you would want to see it closer.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

good times

below are random photos from thanksgiving 2012.  it was small this year, missing a lot of people.  catie was deployed and dad and his gang was out of state.  we had eric's brother and nephew over, uncle chris made it up from georgia and a friend from eric's work.  good times.

sleep well

up studying late one night, i jumped in the shower to get ready for much needed sleep.  when i finished my shower, this is what i found in my bed.  i love this little guy.  sleep well.

Friday, April 5, 2013

you see...

finally made it to Halloween!  kadence and kambel kinda did their own outfits, while ty was, well, you see ;)

lovely sign

in September, i ran the women's half marathon in Nashville.  it wasn't my best race, but not my worst.  it just was.  the best part for me is having the family there at the finish line cheering me on.  i found them in the crowd and gave them high fives.  YAY!  in October eric ran the go commando half marathon in Clarksville!  he got a personal best record on this race.  we were there to cheer him on, with our lovely sign.