a work in progress

a work in progress

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1-2 step

rock on kadence

the emerald coast

eric arrived june 30th and we quickly hit the road to travel to indiana and then to florida. i will post some of indiana when i locate them all. i haven't been on the computer in some time. forgive me...

just before leaving to the airport. we were excited!!

hiding daddy in the sand.

look at kadence's eyes....grrrrrrr. almost all the pics were like this!

rain drops falling on my head

there is nothing easy about saying good-bye, is there? the house was so quiet today. the kids were wondering around playing quietly with toys, not really anything in particular or for a long amount of time. the rain didn't make it any easier. all day it rained. all day. there was no kids running around looking in closets for daddy hiding. no one wrestling in the living room. no runing up and down the stairs. no strong hugs, no hands to hold, no lips to kiss. come back soon honey. we loved every moment you were home and are already counting down the days until you come back.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

checking in

we are still alive. just enjoying traveling time and visiting everyone. i am currently in the great state of illinois visiting my aunt kim and grandma - alone. yes alone. i have the best husband ever! can't help but sit back and smile thinking he is taking care of the three monkeys and i am not! ha! back to reality tomorrow morning while traveling back home and getting busy with yard work and laundry. darn.

TONS of pictures to come.

love to all

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

travels await

eric arrived safely on tuesday evening! he has slowly been adjusting to the time and loving each moment with everyone. it was so wonderful picking him up from the airport, he actually snuck up on us and surprised us! kambel talked the ENTIRE way home, she was just overcome with joy! kadence feels like such a big girl, filling her daddy in on everything that has happened since he has left. ty is really warming up to eric. it is precious! ty keeps calling him 'mom' though! he will get it soon... just wanted to give a brief update. we head out for a few days of traveling, first to indiana then to destin, florida. i can't wait!! will post pics soon. check back soon.