a work in progress

a work in progress

Thursday, December 31, 2009


i am a hacker ya ya ya. evidently there are more people than just me trying to upload their pictures as a larger size. there is a blog site with some 'tricks' so i have been messing around and trying to get it right. this picture is a little too big, cut some of kadence out, but getting the idea. enjoy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

giving up

okay, i need help. ouch. any loyal followers know how to make this collage larger?? i created the collage in power point and saved it as a jpeg file but it loaded as a small picture, was hoping to have it as large as the header picture. let me know if you know! thanks!

Friday, December 25, 2009


eric and i took the kids to see the local lights on the cumberland river before christmas. it was perfect. it was nearly 60' outside, so we really lucked out.

dinner and a date

eric and i were invited to join the other members of my bible study group for dinner at the home of our leader. we had the option to dress up or not - i opted to. we had a wonderful time. nice to be grown ups once in awhile.

laughin' at something!

ready to go

me and my man

dolls, make up and cars

it was eric's first christmas with ty, they had a blast. first time ever we all took naps around the same time ;). each got what they asked santa for (nice guy!). kadence wanted a doll named kaitlyn, kambel wanted make up and click clack shoes, ty wanted guy stuff. enjoy the pictures.

demo days

eric and i laid hardwood floors in the living rom, dinning room, kitchen and hallway. wow. it was a mess! we also took down a closet to open the kitchen up a bit more, added a larger counter to fit 4 stools and added a front to the cabinet backs. it is perfect. eric worked so hard. here are a few pictures of demo, middle and the finish.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

back to business

wow. it has been awhile since the last blog - and believe me we have gotten so much accomplished. i will update each 'event' separately as to not miss all of the things we have done. so hold on tight and read all you want. welcome to all the new followers and of course, my loyal readers - here we gooooooo!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

mile markers and mini vans

instead of running past mile markers today, i was driving past them. today was the day of the st. jude memphis marathon. shucks. instead of being in memphis, i came to illinois to spend time with my aunt kim and grams. eric is such an awesome daddy - staying at home and fighting it out with the kids. something about the quiet sound of driving past mile markers. alone. one by one. it does something for the soul. until you get sleepy and have to pull over! no, really, every mom needs to get away and focus again on herself. we are just relaxing this weekend and finishing up christmas shopping. it is so nice not to have to think about anything this weekend.

before i forget, kadence and i were in deep conversation about 'the olden days'. eric has been busy remodeling the kitchen and doing the floors in the house and we have been without our tv so we started discussing that people did not used to have tv's or cell phones etc. i explained to her that people used to talk through writing letters and they were even delivered by a guy on a horse because they didn't have cars back then. she was pretty excited and remembered something that she just couldn't wait to share. "mommy, i remember seeing that really old car that one time, remember mommy? ohhhhh it was called... um.... oh yea.... a minivan!" does this classify me as old?