a work in progress

a work in progress

Friday, September 13, 2013

super cute

sweet valentines cards for kiddos teachers. 
 so easy and super cute!

Ty David Gray

 this kid cracks me up.  i can't believe that five years have already passed.  i still remember when this little guy would not come into the world...my sweet Ty Ty, Tyster, Tyster the Myster.  

We love you Ty David Gray

Sunday, September 8, 2013

cracks me up

super bowl fun!!  the four of us took a break and made little piggies of ourselves and ate pizza, chips and dips of all sorts.  it was fun!  ty entertained us while trying to smash a two-liter on his head.  he cracks me up.

best kids ever

many of you know that i am in the middle of becoming board certified in behavioral analysis.  there are a lot of hours to put in studying and taking classes. with eric gone in north carolina for a few months, things just tend to get behind.  well one particular night this feburary, this kiddos must have sensed my stress levels (or was sick of seeing dishes in the sink) and this is what i caught them doing:

they poured themselves a pre-dishes drink (evident in the previous photos) of sprite, then demonstrated how they drank it.  best kids ever.

as she should be

every nine weeks the kids' elementary school does a beautiful job of recognizing the accomplishments of the kids.  i finally remembered my camera and was able to snap a few of kambel at her ceremony.  she is so proud of herself - as she should be!

these boys

a random photo of ty and daddy at work.  

love these boys.

awesome kids

we lost power one night and the kiddos used their head lamps to eat dinner.  awesome kids 

those parents

yep.  we are those parents

you too

 ty david gray, i love you too.

let them be

Christmas Morning 2012

i am not quite sure what the barbie family was doing in the tent at their new campsite. it appears they were exhausted from the trip from the north pole.  i quickly peeked in and quietly closed the tent and let them be.

so does santa

christmas eve 2012

a cookie tradition

 kids love it

so does santa!

back to sleep


yes i am behind.

is there such a thing as being ahead?

i am going back to sleep.

Friday, April 26, 2013

millions of people

in mid december eric and i were able to attend his winter formal with fifth group. the formal was at gaylord opryland hotel in nashville.  we were able to stay the night and just enjoy ourselves! the kiddos were with grandpa for the night. hardly any photos, but we captured a few among the craziness of traffic and millions of people.  

see it closer

well.  in late fall i decided to go outside and trim up a few bushes before the winter set in here.  i am the official hedge trimmer in the house, i love doing it, love the tool, but this day it didn't love me.  my fingers got a little too close to the electric blades and snipped the tip of two fingers.  once it happened, i kept going, thinking it was just the cold weather as to why my fingers were throbbing.  after a few minutes i ran up to eric to have him take a look (my hand was in a fist the entire time), he took one look and loaded me up.  there was no bleeding until we got to the ER, when i took the pressure off.  ended up with a fracture and five stitches.  photos are from my phone, so sorry for the quality...not that you would want to see it closer.