a work in progress

a work in progress

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

finish line

today eric and i were able to go to nashville and shop for marathon clothes.  marathon clothes.  who shops for marathon clothes?  I DO!  yay!  i am so so so ready to run this race and move on to the next challenge.  two weeks ago, my friend and i ventured to nashville and ran 20 miles.  ouch.  i finished and actually have been pretty proud of myself since then.  i have one more long run this weekend and then will start tapering until april 24th.  i know i can run 26.2.  it will take me a bit, but i will finish and i will cross that finish line right into the arms of my family waiting for me!  now that is something to sit and think about.

Friday, March 26, 2010

kadence jayde

eggplant, zucchini, carrots oh my!

garden prep (thanks aunt catie)

random pictures

here are a few random pictures of the kids here lately. 

since kambel has turned 4 we told here that 4 year olds have to sleep in their own beds all night long, and if you get scared get in bed with your sister.  she must have gotten scared.

eric and ty resting.  we have all been quite lazy this spring break.  this particular night ty went to sleep at 5p and slept until 7a.  wow.

a typical outfit for kambel jude on a daily basis!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and free

being inspired through surfing the web i decided to drag eric along with me on a project that a friend of a friend posted on her site of a friend of a friend of hers.  it is so stinkin' cool.  and free. 

we drove around and collected these wooden palates.

then we cut them apart and ripped out the old nails

then stained each board, ripped the ends and put them here

in ty's room!!  i LOVE it!  it is hard to get a good angle with my lens, but will try with my other one.

booty and the beast

trying to make kambel happy and save a penny, i decided to make a 'booty and the beast' aka beauty and the beast cake - minus the beast.  kambel is really into the princess movies right now and this one tops the list.  it is my favorite disney princess movie too!  the cake was fun to make, a bit sloppy, i don't recommend using whipped icing - melts too quickly.  anyway, what a great celebration for this 4 year old baby girl.

happy birthday baby girl

of course kadence has her opinion about it all!

are you

when i was a little girl i remember when the census was delivered to our front door and dad taking the time to fill it out.  how cool.  we got ours! we are counted!  are you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

alabama travels

the last weekend in february my dad, sharon, brother in law chris and myself all traveled to alabama to watch catherine rae (my baby sis) fly.

perfect weather~~~~awesome flying ~~~~~phenomenal food

this is what catie wants to fly

then to dinner
perfect food made by chef catie after a long day of flying.  a perfect weekend.