a work in progress

a work in progress

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sweet baby girl

happy 7th birthday sweet baby girl

had a blast

after the fun time at dairy queen a few weeks later, kadence was able to meet up with a few of her best girl friends and went to the movies to see monte carlo, it was so cute.  kambel and i came along... not too many pictures, but they had a blast ;).

special day

hi.  it has been a long time!  you see, i have this problem.  i really want to post things in order on this blog, which means i am either motivated to get things up here, or so overwhelmed because i am behind that things don't get posted.  guess which one happened ;).  either way, i am making a post now - even if it is from kadence's 7th birthday in june :).  kadence turned 7 on june 15th (w.o.w.) and we had a very low key celebration.  well.  sort of.  you see, kadence was telling lots of people she was having a party.  we didn't know she was telling people.  of course the little children she was telling were waiting for an invitation, which never came, but there was one.  kadence's buddy luke, from our church.  kadence loves this kid.  he is such a sweetheart and always makes it a point to make kadence feel special.  he left to college this year, so kadence doesn't see him that much.  well, he called me up on her birthday and wanted to know where this 'party' was (that i didn't know kadence had worked him up with all the details weeks before), so i thought he just wanted to meet up with us and celebrate, so i just told him to meet us at dairy queen and we would have ice cream together.  i just thought it was so sweet that he remembered her birthday.  well, he was expecting a party to be there...there was no party.  just us. hehe...how akward he must of felt :)... i thought it was sweet.  she got to pick out a new bike with no training wheels and then we went home for cupcakes that she picked out.  here are pictures below of the special day.