a work in progress

a work in progress

Friday, September 25, 2009

5/16 - energy gel

this training week went well. i recovered much more quickly than last weeks 9 miles and was actually looking forward to the monday run. i tried an energy gel this time (compliments of my brother in law). an energy gel (to my understanding) gives your body a boost of energy - duh - in a quick, somewhat tasty way. it is a thick yogurt texture type gel in a packet a bit bigger than the size of a ketchup packet, that you squeeze into your mouth and wash down. it has sugar, electrolytes, caffeine and other nutrients - but mainly it is quick and effective. i liked it. it didn't take away the burn of my legs, or take away the other 4 miles i had to run, but did offer me a 'boost' of energy that helped on the longer run. here was week 5.

sunday: rest
monday: 4m
tuesday: spin class
wednesday: yoga/stretching
thursday: 7m
friday: rest
saturday: 9m

week 7 will offer my first ever double figure mileage run. oh wait, 7m and 9m were firsts too. man...what am i doing? lol

Friday, September 18, 2009

been looking all over for you

here are the promised 'bloopers' that i can remember that have occurred here recently. now that kadence is in kindergarten she is our certified know it all, so fair warning to all.

these past two weeks have been so busy for the gray household. between taking kadence to the bus, the younger two to school, picking kids up, t-ball practice, bible study and visits to the gym (not to mention grocery shopping and doctor's appointments) there have been many miles put on the car. during one of these outings all the children were safely buckled in and enjoying a dvd and probably kid gum (aka starburst), when a huge pot hole was right in the way of the way i needed to go and WHAM! we hit it, it jerked us to the side, but all were safe. of course kadence had to say something. "man mom, lucky i went to the bus safety course today." yes you are lucky girly girl.

uncle chris and aunt catie spoil the kids rotten. rotten. on one of these spoiling sessions, ty got a nerf gun fully equipped with safety goggles and a target. he loves it. he knows to shoot up or at the target and walks around looking for someone to cock his gun for him. oh boys. well, i thought i would give it a try. it was pretty fun. we got the target out next. i wasn't a bad shot at all. i wrote some of the bad aim off on the foam nerf 'bullets' being too light so i wasn't getting a direct shot - more of a curve. regardless we were having fun. kambel wanted a turn, so i agreed as long as she would let me shoot one more. she decided to hold the target, but i had to remind her to put it down by her belly, not her face - just in case i missed. she moved it down to her belly, i cocked the gun, squinted my eye and fired. right into her eye. oh shit. she freaks out, she is crying uncontrollably - in my arms at this point. i realize it wasn't a direct blow to her eye, just below it (how did i miss the target so bad??). i try to calm her down, but she is really upset - not injured. "mommmmmyyyyy are you going to jail???" what? why would i go to jail kambel? "because you just shot me!" no baby girl i am not going to jail...

another kambel blooper happened at the last t-ball game we were at. it is quite the scene getting the kids to stay in one area during a game. i end up standing the entire time, either chasing ty, kambel or trying to catch kadence hitting or catching the ball. it is pretty fun, the younger two always find something to do - there is a park, plus rocks and dirt. fun. ty usually walks around trying to find someone to throw the ball to him. kambel is up and down the slides, and of course playing in the rocks and dirt. well it was kadence's turn to bat, so i walked up to the fence - ty and kambel by my side - and watch her hit. it took about 2 minutes, but she finally hit one off the t and ran to the base. after i made sure she saw me see her, i tended to the other two. or one. kambel was gone. clear as the sky - she vanished! i grab ty, checked the swings, slides, dirt, rocks, under bleachers. i even tried yelling. it is getting pretty dark (the lights were on from the field), i was beginning to panic. not a good feeling. i start moving away from our dug out area and head around the field to the other dug out. on my way i see a trail in the rocks - as if someone were dragging their foot in the rocks. i look ahead and see her! i ran to get her (she was still walking and looking down, dragging her foot in the rocks). kambel! she looks up at me (out of breath, scared to death) and says "mom, i have been looking all over for you." i bet you have you little monkey.

more to come...

Monday, September 14, 2009

falling behind

i have about a million pictures and a half million events to update you all on, but will have to wait. i will try to get it done this week, just don't want you all to loose interest! there are quite a few 'bloopers' that will have to be posted and many many pictures.

kambel and ty started the parent's day out program last week and are getting into a routine quickly. i will do my best to use that time to get y'all back up to date!

looking forward to 66 days...

4/16 - move over nike

one month down. yea!! go kelly! things are beginning to get intense now. i officially lost my toe nail. it is ugly. really ugly. at least it is gonna get cool soon, so that means socks and shoes.

this was the past week...

sunday: rest
monday: 4 miles with 4 minutes tut
tuesday: spin class
wednesday: yoga/stretch
thrusday: 6 miles
friday: rest
saturday: 9 miles

this was the first week of running with my new shoes. i followed suit and bought a pair of asics and i am wondering why i was ever running on the cardboard shoes they call nike. (sorry) i can not believe the difference between the two shoes. the support and cusion is evident in the first step. my feet don't throb, there is plenty of room in the toe box, my goodness they are just perfect.

here is to the next month

the next babe ruth

here is kadence in her first 'game' with her t-ball team. trying not to be one of those mom's, but i think i was... i am learning to stand back ;). GO KADENCE!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

3/16 - rite of passage

wow. wow. wow. i am training for a marathon. can you believe it?? me either. since i included my previous sunday run in week 2, this week looks minimal... but that is okay. i have hit a huge landmark. a rite of passage you can say. i have officially gotten my first black toenail or runner's toe, which may result in loss of the poor guy (just the nail, not the toe). and boy it was painful!! i was able to stick a needle under the nail (my big toenail) to drain all the fluid and it was like getting a new toe... that said, here was my schedule this week.

monday: off
tuesday: 45 spin
wednesday: yoga/stretching
thursday: 6 miles
friday: one hour (a little short due to nail pain)

back on track with the regular schedule starting tomorrow...

a few of my favorite things

i have discovered a few things here lately that have made my life easier - and i love them. thought i would share... my rice cooker. wow. like finding and old friend. found this little guy in the back of the cabinet (not that i keep my old friends there), waiting patiently to do its job. and it has! glide floss. looooooove it. i actually want to floss several times a day! it is fabulous. bear naked granola. omg. i have to control myself. it is perfect! and mostly what has become a favorite thing for me is singing "twinkle twinkle little star" to ty when he is ready for a nap or bedtime and watching his eyes roll back trying to stay awake to listen to it. love it. thanks for our children eric.