a work in progress

a work in progress

Monday, October 25, 2010

enjoy themselves

a few weeks ago aunt catie made a surprise visit to clarksville and joined us on a pumpkin patch visit.  it was hot, but we made it!  such a great time and fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

i laughed

we have been very busy here lately. 

  finished up t-ball, fall break, several photo shoots, a visit to the pumpkin patch, and visits to the park.   

eric and i just passed our halfway point in training - yay!  the countdown is on for the memphis marathon! 

 we are all looking forward to 38 days when eric leaves afghanistan to come home for r&r... awwww. rest and relaxation.

funnies from the kids:

kambel and i were running through the house hiding from each other, i ran into my room and hid under the blankets.  she came in and yells "i found you!".  jokingly, i asked her how she found me and she responds "your big butt was sticking up."  darn butt.

the kids and i were in the food lion (a grocery store) parking lot, trying to load and leave as fast as we could.  all three kids were in the car and watching very closely this guy smoking this huge cigar outside of his car.  i put the cart up and got in and all three were still standing in the back seat just staring.  "come on, get in your seats and lets go!" they all get situated, and kadence says "mom, i didn't know that you can smoke a hot dog." i laughed.

when she grows up

we had a blast at kadence's fall festival at her school.  i loved the creative takes on the games and the kids were in heaven.  i had a ton of pictures, just had to pick a few.  kadence won the ring toss - a 2 liter of soda.  when i was her age and my dad and mom took me to my fall festival, i won that game as well.  hope she remembers it when she grows up.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

my limits

me and my girlfriend (a former athlete herself and from indiana), decided we would get together once a week - as long as week can, to 1) get out of the house, 2) let the kiddos play and 3) have a lunch other than nuggets and string cheese!  ha!  anyway, jenae and i had a good time.  she even braved riding kadence's razor (i know my limits!)

until next time

my uncle tom and his wife toby stopped by as they drove through to florida.  they arrived late tuesday evening and woke up and ate breakfast with us and spent the morning catching up and hanging out.  the kids thought it was cool that uncle tom is grandpa's brother.  i love my family and remember so many great times with uncle tom.  it was so cool for him to see where i live and to spend some time with the kids.  kadence was at school, she was pretty bummed that she didn't get to see them.  until next time!

happy fall

my sister married into the best family ever ;).  for some reason, our family has been blessed by the kinsel family as well.  the kinsel's are from california and each fall around this time a package ends up on my step.  did i mention that these are my sisters in-laws?  much appreciated, the box includes specialties from their own backyard.  i can't wait until they teach catie how to can, so she can teach me.  as good as these pictures look, they taste a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  homemade bread out of the oven mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  thank you!  happy fall!

say cheese

on one of my random 'junking' days, i stumbled across this very old autographic kodak jr. camera made and produced between 1902-1913.  wow.  it has some dings and dents, i would love to find the correct film and see how it works.  back when it was first for sale, it sold for $24.  me, i bought it for (drum roll please) $26.  yep.  go me.  say cheese!

little hippie

last week, the kids and i drove around the country roads and collected wild flowers.  the girls made it home awake and helped pull all the leaves off and trim them up in order to make a bundle of beautiful flowers!  kambel was in her perfect world - such a little hippie.