a work in progress

a work in progress

Thursday, December 16, 2010

total cost: $2.00

found another idea to do:  total cost $2.00

foam wreath from dollar tree

book from dollar tree (about 400 pgs)
wipe paint along outside edges, any color

rip pages out

roll pages and hot glue, around and around

fill in where needed


do they?

this was prior to leaving to the airport.  they don't love their daddy, do they?

Monday, December 13, 2010

for pizza

we had a girly night, then met up with the boys when eric was home on leave.  eric and ty went to the motorcycle store and i took the girls to get their hair cut.  they are so cute!  then we went to blackhorse for pizza. 


Marathon: Day of
**disclaimer** we went to goodwill the night prior to the race to get 'old clothes' to wear in the morning, then toss when we started.  it was funny at the time to get silly looking items, but once we showed up, we were a little embarrassed.  mainly eric in his tight "cosby" sweater.  haha! (small pictures due to a small travel camera i used)

ready to run

he thought we got up too early

timing chips on and ready

an hour prior to line up

we did it! (ouch)

hydrated more

Marathon:  Day Before...

We packed...

and packed.

Then we said goodbye to the kids and ran outside and smiled.

We hydrated.

We found Memphis.

And who we were running for.

We confirmed our names (this is for real!!)

Smiled when we wanted to cry.

Then went to dinner and hydrated more.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

when they come home

this is what daddy's do when they come home.

you get the point

our special package arrived.  taken sideways, but you get the point.

note the lady in the background, sniff.

thankful for

turkey stuffing green beans mac n cheese

family and friends

so much to be thankful for