a work in progress

a work in progress

Thursday, December 16, 2010

total cost: $2.00

found another idea to do:  total cost $2.00

foam wreath from dollar tree

book from dollar tree (about 400 pgs)
wipe paint along outside edges, any color

rip pages out

roll pages and hot glue, around and around

fill in where needed


do they?

this was prior to leaving to the airport.  they don't love their daddy, do they?

Monday, December 13, 2010

for pizza

we had a girly night, then met up with the boys when eric was home on leave.  eric and ty went to the motorcycle store and i took the girls to get their hair cut.  they are so cute!  then we went to blackhorse for pizza. 


Marathon: Day of
**disclaimer** we went to goodwill the night prior to the race to get 'old clothes' to wear in the morning, then toss when we started.  it was funny at the time to get silly looking items, but once we showed up, we were a little embarrassed.  mainly eric in his tight "cosby" sweater.  haha! (small pictures due to a small travel camera i used)

ready to run

he thought we got up too early

timing chips on and ready

an hour prior to line up

we did it! (ouch)

hydrated more

Marathon:  Day Before...

We packed...

and packed.

Then we said goodbye to the kids and ran outside and smiled.

We hydrated.

We found Memphis.

And who we were running for.

We confirmed our names (this is for real!!)

Smiled when we wanted to cry.

Then went to dinner and hydrated more.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

when they come home

this is what daddy's do when they come home.

you get the point

our special package arrived.  taken sideways, but you get the point.

note the lady in the background, sniff.

thankful for

turkey stuffing green beans mac n cheese

family and friends

so much to be thankful for

Monday, November 22, 2010

hot momma

the other day kadence did something so grown up, without me telling her to do it, say it or correct it.  she didn't even look at me for approval, she just - did it.  i was so proud of her.  i said, "kadence, that was such a good thing you just did, you are really growing into a young lady."  she responded with, "ya after i am a young lady i turn into a hot momma."  i hope she still likes candy necklaces when she is a hot momma.
(for the record, we used to call her 'little momma' when she was a toddler)

Friday, November 12, 2010

can't wait

i can't believe how fast things have been going lately.  it has been over six months since eric left.  it has been about five months that i have been doing this photography thing.  i have had eight clients in the past four weeks.  crazy.  i am so thankful for the opportunity to do this, i just hope that i capture them the way that they see themselves.  sometimes i can't believe all that has happened since eric last deployed.  kadence stuck herself in the back of the throat with a pencil resulting in a hospital stay, ty potty trained himself, kambel learned how to write her name - in order, we traveled to alabama (twice) and to illinois, went to the beach, went to the theater to see beauty and the beast live, kadence started first grade, kambel the 'four year old classroom' and ty the two's, ty can point out the letter "T" - but calls it a "T Y", if he sees it in a stop sign he says "look a "T Y"", both girls completed a season of t-ball, we helped launch our new classes for k-5 at church, trained for a marathon, cried about running the marathon, and even thought about getting a cat.  ya right.  it sucks that our lives have to go on without eric here.  as much as i say it sucks it has to down right hurt for him.  he was to leave home for r&r the 25th of nov.  well they moved it to the 21st of nov!!!  he should have a few days of travel, but will be home before thanksgiving... amazing!! got the turkey today!  the kids don't know that he is coming earlier than our m&m jar counting technique, it will be so stinking amazing if we can surprise them!! especially if we are to pick them up from school... may have to call in the camera crews! just kidding... i will record it though!!!  anyway, just thinking that soon our hero will be home and i can't wait!

go team

well tonight was it.  the first night of cheerleading.  oh my goodness.  i was being nice and not giggling when they did the sprinkle things with their fingers.  at least she got new shoes out of it!  kambel did too.  go team!

trying to show off her new shoes while we were watching kadence

great travels

we went on our trip to alabama to see aunt catie officially become an aviator.  she will be stationed at fort campbell and will be flying blackhawks.  congratulations catherine.  below are some pictures of our rest stop rocket visit, our adventures playing on a blackhawk and then dad pinning the wings on catie at the graduation.  i included a picture of catie's in-laws, chris and jean - neat people!  i think kadence wanted to leave with them and disown me.  sniff sniff.  we had a good time and great travels.

dad couldn't push the pin through the uniform, ha!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

they liked me

look what i found ;).  i know, i know.  what in the world!  i am pretty eXciTEd about this!  it is a late 1800's school desk.  it needs work.  a lot.  but the bones are great!  i have seen them in magazines as an end table and then cute little pillows on the seat side (plus offering more seating).  one awesome little note is that it is made by grand rapids seating company.  my dad lived in grand rapids!  how cool!  can't wait to get this one done!  the price you ask? the ticket said $100, with a huge sign that said make an offer.  i totally low balled it and offered $40.  they liked me :)!