a work in progress

a work in progress

Monday, April 26, 2010


i love my family

still cool though

i have business cards.


kinda excited!!  ha!  i ordered them before my new web-site/domain were created.  still cool though!

new trials are always appearing

it is over!  the marathon was a wonderful experience!  i have to admit that the advice my friend gave me is true, "the marathon isn't hard, it is the training."  how true.  there were several weather issues though, the tornado activity that went through mississippi was hot on our trail by 11.  other than that things went well.  i felt fine saturday and yesterday, but today - my goodness I AM SORE! 

i think i will start weight training next and more focus on nutrition. 

i would like to run the clarksville half marathon in november and then maybe the 2011 full marathon in nashville again... we will see!

moving on

ty has surgery wednesday morning.  fun.  he is getting his tonsils and adenoids taken out.  we will stay overnight to be monitored and then home to recover.  please pray that god will have his hand in on this surgery and his recovery.

eric deploys in fifteen days.  wow.  15 days.  yuck.  he will be going to afghanistan for a year.  he will be in a pretty safe location, so that is one less stress about the situation.  the kids and i will keep ourselves busy this summer, traveling, reading, swimming, and spending time at the gym.

a lot of changes are happening in my familiar 'circle of friends' around here.  one of my closest girlfriends, a wonderful, inspirational woman will be moving with her husband and son back to hawaii.  that makes me sad.  i will miss her so very much.  good friends don't just happen anymore.

it is amazing how sometimes we can just say how boring our lives are, how nothing has changed, how things are always the same... they aren't though.  they are always changing.  new challenges are always happening.  new trials are always appearing. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

all the hard work

hello all my loyal followers!  i have been busy lately with working my photography site/business, so i just wanted to do a quick update.

4 days.  4 days!!  4 days??  i am RUNNING A MARATHON THIS WEEKEND!  CrAZy!  no pressure, of course, just want to finish!!  updates will follow.

my web designer (catherine kinsel) finished my website and i was able to get my domain up and running!  check out the site


it is real!!  wow!!

enjoy!  Love to all!  leave me some feed back, kay?  thanks mrs. kinsel for all the hard work!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~ perfect

beautiful weather ~ yummy food ~ wonderful pictures

a weekend break in illinois ~ perfect

see what happens

i have big news.  a bit exciting.  a bit nerve racking.  a bit of a dream come true.  i am not pregnant (ha!).  i am taking a chance and gonna try my hand at photography.  yep!  that is the news!  check out my site


a twist on something old, taking a new stand, we will see what happens!