a work in progress

a work in progress

Friday, May 27, 2011

he loves it

we are stepping it up a bit here. 
 ty got a 'fo hawk'. 
 he is so stinking cute. 
he loves it. 

our flower child

just like this one

we are so very thankful for God giving us baby jesus.  for sending Him to give us happiness, hope and love.  we are thankful for Jesus dying on the cross for each one of us and then rising up again to give each one of us days full of joy.  just like this one.

to be caught up

not sure why the best things in life have to become a chore.  i love this blog.  i love keeping y'all up to date.  i love keeping posting our events and having our memories shared.  but sometimes, well, i just don't feel like doing it.  but when i do keep it up, i love it.  i am trying to get caught up on several things, including this blog.  hang in there, please check in often and enjoy what ya see... 

we have been in heaven having eric home again.  getting used to having him home has been smooth so far, such a blessing.  we are all still seeing how each other work, including the kiddos.  when they get upset with one of us, they will go tell the other that "dad is being mean to me", "mommy is being mean and she needs to sit in time out"... ha!  they aren't used to having a 'team' working against them!  we are planning several camping trips this summer, with the first one coming this weekend - in our backyard.  we have nearly 4 acres of land, so we are gonna set up camp and see what happens.  it should be interesting!  next week eric will have time off for about two weeks and he and the kiddos are going to start building their tree house.  they have been talking about this for nearly a year.  they have the plans drawn up, the paint picked out and the tools ready to go.  i hope this is something they will hold on to forever.

as for me, photography has been keeping me busy.  i have been working steady with shoots and editing.  i really am thinking about moving the photography site to facebook (omg) and see what happens... it is on my to do list...  i have been really busy at the gym too.  it is my drug.  i stepped away from long distance running, but will pick that up again, come late summer.  i plan on training for two half marathons (done with the full for awhile!!), one in september and one in october.  i will keep ya up to date.  i love putting myself back on the 'to do' list - but that means something else gets bumped to the bottom, like this blog sometimes.  but i am worth it.  my kids are worth it.  my marriage is worth it. 

i will be updating photos now!  i have a ton and can't WAIT to be caught up! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

see our hero

 the morning arrived when eric came home and we all gathered at 330am and ate popcorn, danced and waved our flags.  then the doors opened with a roar, bringing some to tears and we got to see our hero!

2 and 1


Sunday, May 8, 2011

information soon

well for some reason i am having the hardest time uploading information and pictures to my site!  i know i have many people wondering where in the world i have been.  i am working on it and the blog will be filled with up to date information soon!