a work in progress

a work in progress

Friday, February 24, 2012

love you both

well we have made it to september of 2011.  ha!  dad and sharon shared their marriage with us all in gatlinburg, tennessee over labor day weekend.  our family met up with catie and chris and we all crashed in a room, got dolled up (thus the lovely picture of me - rare to be in a dress and not gym clothes), posed for pictures and cheered dad on! these pictures capture my family well.  love my family! dad and sharon, we love you both.

was heaven

soon after eric returned from his week long road trip, i was finally able to run away with a friend to florida.
                                oooooooooooh how nice! 
such a good hubby to take care of the little ones and let me have a break.  for a week straight my friend chrissy and i did n.o.t.h.i.n.g.  we got up, layed out, swam, even body boarded!, walked in the warm sand and talked.  that was it.  oh we did eat! i love the ocean, the sand, the sun... it was heaven.

turned out nicely

this summer, driving home from swimming, we passed a yard sale (fun!).  i spotted this from the street and pulled right in.  ***disclaimer here, i was inspired from a friend, so this is not totally my idea***  really with any dresser you can make into something else.  this is what i needed to make a tv console!  i paid $20 for the dresser and less than $3 for decorative trim.  we used what we had for the rest (spray paint and nails).  ty helped me take it apart, then i put it back together!  i want to change out the baskets, or line them with a colorful fabric - i will get there soon.  anyway, minus the lack of wire hiding, it turned out nicely!