a work in progress

a work in progress

Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow much fun

our two days out in the snow! god gave us 7 inches of snow to play in!! how fun! enjoy the pictures. we had so much fun today (thus the lack of pictures) sledding and building snowmen. kambel took an adventurous ride on a run away sled... her sled went through the woods with eric chasing her (i am laughing), went airborne a few times and finally came to a stop! unharmed, she went down a few more times.

our snow woman is from china...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/16, 2/16, & 3/16

doesn't this title look familiar? i just finished my third week of training with no problems. no numb toes. no aching feet. i am finding it a bit tough to stay motivated, but am working through it. pretty sure it is the cold weather and running on a treadmill all the time is not fun. was going to concentrate on minutes this time as opposed to miles, but think that i do better thinking in terms of miles - regardless, gotta run!

30 min run
cross train (spin class)
30 min run
40 min run

35 min run
cross train
35 min run
40 min run

run 6 min/jog 3 min x 3
40 min tempo
7 miles

biggest loser

kadence and i were snuggled on the couch reading "silly sally" and enjoying a chocolate treat, at least i was. kadence asked me why am i always eating something chocolate, i didn't answer, but asked her why she doesn't eat that much chocolate. (she rarely eats chocolate, maybe a few m&ms). she told me "because it isn't that healthy." really? i asked her what happens when you aren't healthy and she said "you die." wow. so i asked her what is another thing that happens when you are not healthy? trying to change her mind.... her answer? "you go on the biggest loser." i better sign up.

outdoor fun

kambel and her hat
ty on the neighbors slide

child labor...kadence making kambel push

awards and tears

kadence had her first awards ceremony at school this past week. eric was able to take the younger two to parents day out so i could go to the ceremony (which started at the same time the other two had to be at school).

kadence was awarded for:
{knowing numbers}
{knowing upper and lower case letters}
{perfect attendance for the past 9 weeks}
{citizenship award}
{the guidance award - one kindergartener from each class was awarded this}

i am one of those mothers who cry. i can't believe it. i even cry for the other kids. poor daughter.

i forgot my camera, so our neighbor totally hooked me up. thanks goodness! enjoy

beads galore

here are the girls having a blast doing beads... love the "love" kadence did.

where oh where could she be

she is here. a bit lazy. a little over the winter weather. a bit intimidated by the second training session of her marathon, but she is here.

a lot of catching up to do - but not that much to say! been busy trying to entertain the kids indoors, which gets old quickly. they all have been having fun building tents, coloring in coloring books, dancing to music, making cookies, playing with beads and having fun at the gym.

eric is in full swing back at work. he was assigned to a different area since the christmas newsletter writings. he is now working with military intelligence and keeping all their networks up and running.

i have just finished my third week of marathon training (again) and will update that in a separate section. i have been playing with my new camera eric got me, and dreaming of starting something with it...

sit back and enjoy the blog updates... love that y'all continue to read it - even when i get behind! eric asked me yesterday when i was going to update it. glad he enjoys it too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

deep breath in.....

pots and pan cabinet organized - check

plastic container drawer sorted and organized - check

silverware drawer sorted, cleaned and organized - check

spice cabinet sorted, cleaned and reorganized - check

master bedroom closet sorted, organized, donate old clothes, clothes hanging - check

summer clothes sorted for the kids - check

girl's closet organized (again grrrrrr) - check

windows cleaned - check

pile of stuff thinking of putting on craig's list - check (now to do it)

crock pot full of pulled pork - check

feeling like i have got a lot done - check

more to come