a work in progress

a work in progress

Monday, August 1, 2011

what i did

y'all know how much i love to 'redo' old things.  well i found another project.  earlier this summer i took a trip to see aunt kim back in amish country and found this beautiful jelly cabinet.  made with square head nails and with all the original wood.  loooooove it.  i had to find a way to make it work in our house, so here is what i did!

1) found old plates that had some curves to it
2) primed and spray painted with high gloss white
3) cleaned the cabinet and used an oil just to help restore it (no sanding or painting)
4) stappled fabric inside the doors
5) put it together inside
6) crammed everything i could into it!!

 this is with my wide angled lense, everything in the picture i have 'restored'...cool.