a work in progress

a work in progress

Thursday, February 21, 2013

it was fun

a few shots at holiday world before our camera died.  jennifer and i ran off to ride a roller coaster too.  we are getting old... it hurt a lot more than it was fun!

camp and fishing

a few random pictures from camp and fishing....

an awesome run

every summer, right before school starts we meet mark (aka uncle duckie) and jennifer (aka aunt jemmer) in indiana.  we go camping for a few days and hit up holiday world before we leave.  it is something so special that i hope we can do for many years to come.  mark recently took up running GO MARK, so eric, mark and i went for a 9 miler on the first wake up at camping.  mark thought it would be a good idea to put band aids on his, um, nipples.  then he changed his mind - ouch!  so funny.  it was an awesome run.

come back

mark (eric's brother) and son hayden come to visit us often.  we love it!  we took them to chuy's mexican restaurant in nashville.  it was yummy!  can't wait til y'all come back.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


i love this hat.  
good bye beach, sniff.

bribed them for smiles

one last chance.  after the promised rain shower, we headed back to the beach for the evening light.  put everyone back into their picture clothes and bribed them for smiles!

under the sun

another lovely day under the sun...

the best we could

i make the entire family promise me photos at the beach - no matter what.  every afternoon while in clearwater it RAINED.  so, we tried to capture photos in the morning. well we all know it is crazy bright in the morning.  we did the best we could.