a work in progress

a work in progress

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my freebie

i think it is safe to post this now.  this is something crazy that has happened, but believe me, i am thankful!  ty has 100% potty trained himself.  that is right, all by himself.  my plan, (huh!) was to start working with him this winter when we were locked inside all day.  well, one rainy day here, he started running around without his diaper and has not turned back.  i thought it was just something he was playing with, feeling the cool breeze and such, and then back to the diaper.  but not ty.  wow!  it has been 10 days since i have changed a poopy diaper... since june of 2004 i have been changing diapers.  this will be a nice change!  i have to admit that he is so cute when he pees.  he pees on everything outside.  the car tires, the bushes, the bricks, even the slide - the girls didn't think that was cute!  hehe.  must have been a deal with potty training this year - train two and get one free.  this is my freebie!  it has been a bit of a change for me too.  i was carrying him back from the bus stop on my hip and he says "ouch mommy, you are hurting my peanut!"...so funny.

trying to figure out which stool he likes

his big muscles!

counting down

each time eric comes home we do some sort of a count down.  we decided to put m&m's in a jar and eat one each night until he comes home.  visually we can see the jar getting lower and lower and it is a sweet treat.  evidently 69 days to me feels like a lot more than what was in this jar!  it feels as if the jar should be filled to the top!  i should have gotten the smaller jar!  we put a total of 276 m&m's - that way no one is left out of the counting down. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i decided to make the girls room a bit more, girly.  i am working on a few projects and just finished one.  i also made the girls dresses - how easy and fun.  you just find fabric and a shirt to match, cut the shirt and add fabric and a bow.  love it!  can't wait to make more!  now all my nieces know what they will get for christmas!  more arts-n-crafts to come.

kadence does have 2 hands.  grrrrr.

go girls!

thursday was the first game for the t-ball season.  go girls!  they did wonderfully.  i will post a video later.

heart beeping

uncle mark, aka uncle duckie, and aunt jennifer came all the way from indiana on their motorcycle to visit us!  we went on a hike and had a blast at the clarksville greenway.  (kambel was feeling her heart "beeping").

i love you guys

the next month

it has been one month.  one long month.  of training.  only 3 to go.  until what you ask?  until eric and i run the st.jude memphis marathon!  what?  yes.  one more marathon.  one more.  can you believe eric is training by my side, all the way in afghanistan?  how neat is that.  we will both train apart, then when he comes home for r&r, we will complete the st. jude memphis marathon in december.  c.r.a.z.y.  i am pretty stoked.  now anyway.  the first week of training, i was crying, begging, pleading, to eric that i only wanted to run the half.  he didn't leave my side.  he never has.  he was right there by me.  then my fire came back.  and off we went.  one month down.  so far 70 miles of running and 8 hours of cross training down.  here is to the next month!  good job sweetie!

god's awesome beauty

that time of year again.  fall colors starting to come out.  temperatures finally starting to drop.  football. sweatshirts. jeans. homemade soups.  short walks.  admiring god's awesome beauty (in tiny creatures).