a work in progress

a work in progress

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wonderful weekend

in may we started off the camping season on the mcneeley property.  what an amazing family.  these people are the type of friends everyone would want to have. hands down.  we are so lucky, blessed and honored to be a part of their circle of friends.  we camped for just a few nights.  kelly helped season my cast iron skillet (thank you!), she showed me how to make cornbread in an outdoor oven, of course we made smores.  the next day we fished and explored.  it was a wonderful weekend.


 in late may of 2012 i teamed up with an old friend of mine and we completed the muddy buddy here in nashville.  we also did the warrior dash with another friend last year along with catie and chris.  these little races can be quite challenging!  there was a really really steep up hill climb in this one.  it was a killer!  but we made it and had fun!

miss you girl

being a military family, you get to meet so many neat people - and many not so great people.  when we bought our house, i prayed for neighbors that would be there for a reason.  i never could have imagined living next to these two wonderful families.  Chrissy (first photo) was such a huge support while she lived next door to us.  they left the 'hood in may 2012.  chrissy, mandy and i all have become such great friends.  we miss chrissy and look forward to being able to see their beautiful home and family again soon.  mandy, chrissy, nonnie (aka Pam) and i all went to chuy's (amazing mexican food) for a last night out before they headed out.  miss you girl.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

super hero

my super hero

all of his weapons

we live outside city limits, not too far out in the sticks, but we do have about 4 acres of property, but live on a dead end street with 14 other houses.  so when we dropped the kiddos off at the bus stop one spring morning, we were pretty shocked to see cattle roaming up and down the street!  one of our neighbors is very familiar with cattle and snapped right into round up mode.  ty was so amazed and concerned for everyone's safety.  he ran home and returned with all of his weapons.  (he cracks me up!)

strawberry farm

every year we look forward to coming to h&s farms and picking fresh strawberries.  sometimes, it is the one thing that can pull us through the last few cool days of winter.  we are so very lucky to be close to this wonderful strawberry farm!  


one thing about our kiddos is that they always stay busy.  if it is raining outside, they always find something to do together inside.  of course they argue, then compromise, then complain, then laugh, and they always have fun.  on this particular day the girls decided to dress up ty.  ty thought it was funny and was really into it - until i took a picture and showed him.  he quickly took EVERYTHING off and reclaimed his boyhood!