a work in progress

a work in progress

Saturday, January 25, 2014

is just sunscreen

in july we sent our baby girl off to church camp for four days.  it was so cool for her to get this opportunity and to see that she can actually take care of herself.  of course on the way there, i was reviewing everything, from how to wash her hair to making sure the sunscreen is all the way on her face.  as much as i know that making mistakes is how we learn, it is so hard to let them make those mistakes, even if it is just sunscreen.

smiled pretty

in june my younger brother zach and all his kiddos came down to spend the weekend and give his wife a break (how awesome is this guy???).  we got together with dad and sharon and roasted marshmallows, took four wheeler rides and smiled pretty.

my kiddos

i love that when i have to study on saturday mornings, the kiddos are able to play nicely together and build things that make them excited - like this extremely tall tower of blocks.  
so lucky for my kiddos.

carried my end

another new athletic adventure for me.  exercising is my drug.  crossfit has always been 'known' on my end, but always something along the lines of "you get hurt with crossfit" "they do a ton of crazy stuff" "how can you get a workout in in 12 minutes?"  once i was able to get the kick in the butt and actually try it, i knew that this was what i was looking for!  there are many many things i need to learn to get better at, but that is what keeps me coming back to these c.r.a.z.y workouts.  i couldn't have gotten any better coaches to help me along the process.  it is hard to be patient with myself, my body and my results, but i know that being consistent is the key (and maybe no more drive thru), but i will get there!  this was a little crossfit competition that i participated in.  probably out of my league, but i carried my end.  

the jumpy thing

june 15 2004 this sweet baby girl entered this world to make it a better place.  kadence jayde turned 9 this year.  really that sounds so crazy.  she is ready to take on the world!  she is incredibly trustworthy.  helpful and observant.  she is always a step ahead of everyone.  she is a little mommy.  she loves her dad.  i don't think i could have made it this far if this little girl wasn't a part of my life.  so blessed to have you kadence jayde.  she planned her birthday.  she wanted mexican dinner and then to the mall to jump on the jumpy thing.

                                                           kadence at four years old

hippie fun

i have never technically tie-dyed before, but we grabbed this kit with directions and had some good ole hippie fun!

practice in for sure

it is official.  ty can ride his bike without training wheels!  he is so funny.  he wanted to wear his rain boots in case he had a wreck.  jeans and a long sleeve shirt were not an option for him ;).  nice job buddy.  we need to get some more practice in for sure.  

as we could

the start of summer.  wow.  there were so many changes and things to adapt to for all of us.  i was working part time, which meant the kiddos had to experience a baby sitter, eric was in an out for missions and such, both eric and I were working on school, and then planning for the little road trips that we had to make in a little amount of time.  it seemed nearly impossible to actually enjoy the summer nights and the poolside play.  we survived and enjoyed as much family time as we could.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

our family

in may eric and i celebrated 15 years married. with an additional 4 years together.  19 years together.  holy cow.  that is crazy.  i am absolutely in love with this man.  it has not always been easy (is it ever?), but growing, maturing, living life together has been amazing. this particular weekend we were able to go away to pensacola - alone.
 i am so proud of him, so proud of us, so proud of our family.  

get it next time

while eric was gone for most of the first half of the year, the kids and i had to do it on our own.  like we haven't done this before, right?  we got lucky this particular outing with our church!  we got to ZIPLINE!  how cool!  kids and all.  it was my first time ever. have to admit, i was a bit shaky in the knees when i got up there. ha!  ty had NO problem.  in fact he was first to go and jumped so fast i didn't even see him go!  little monkey.  kadence had no problem either and was off the platform in a few seconds.  kambel on the other hand.  poor girl.  she tried and tried, but just couldn't make herself jump!  i swear if i was allowed to push her she would have been ok! she was so disappointed in herself.  she will get it next time!