a work in progress

a work in progress

Sunday, August 30, 2009


another week down. i am feeling pretty good over all, but am noticing a few sore spots that can easily be taken care of. i think it is time for a new pair of running shoes, which may take care of the hurting toe nails. lol. i ran a few challenging courses this week, but learned a lot too. i included sunday in this week of training, which i ran (along with chris -brother in law - and theresa) the run for the fallen. this event was at fort campbell where anyone who wanted gathered to run to remember any soldier that has fallen. it was rather emotional, and in fact, i found no reason to complain about a sore muscle or hurt toe, instead i was touched by the many people that volunteer - volunteer - to provide me and my family freedom.

week 2 looked like this:

sunday: rest
monday: 4 miles with 4 minutes total uphill time
tuesday: cross train on eliptical 45 minutes
wednesday: yoga
thursday: rest
friday: 1 hour run - indoor track
saturday: 6 miles - route from hell
sunday: 5 mile run for the fallen

total time run about 3hrs 20 mins. trying to focus on running longer times and not too much on the miles. gotta keep my legs moving! i am resting tomorrow!!

what's that sound?

i have to admit that this was the first full week of waking to an alarm in years. years! you know, it was actually nice! was able to wake before the kids and brush my teeth without anyone on my hip.

kadence did really well this first full week. she got all her stickers and continues to work on her spelling/reading. she enjoys school very much. i am very happy for her. when i asked who she is playing with she mentioned that there was this one kid named logan. "oh yea, is he nice?", i asked her. she starts to wiggle and says "well, i don't, well, he is very handsome, so i don't want to get to close to him because i might kiss him." WHAT?!!? wow. i know we are gonna be in trouble - too cute...

she did get a note sent home in her folder. her teacher asked if i could speak to her about blowing spit bubbles. that she spoke to her several times, but she continues to do it. of course i talked to her and she started to cry. i had to explain to her that she wasn't in trouble, just that it could spread germs and isn't very good manners and gave her the choice to do it at home or on the bus. she seemed happy. personally i didn't think it was too big of a deal. go figure.

tomorrow she starts t-ball practice. all three kids will enjoy this i am sure. today the four of us went to lunch after church then to toys-r-us to pick out a pretty pink helmet, pink bat, pink balls and a pink glove. kambel and ty both found things they liked that were not pink - ha!

ty has his 18 month check up tomorrow. we are a little behind, but things seem to be going well. kambel will be my helper now that kadence is in school. a new role for her, but one she is seeming to enjoy. here's to a good week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cookies please

the girls and i were able to make some cookies while ty took his nap. we had a good time. the girls really enjoy adding all the ingredients and tasting them all. they are starting to understand the difference between flour and sugar, lol. the cookies were very good...


one week down.

'they' (who ever 'they' is...he sure knows a lot) say the more you talk about a new task the more you will stick to it. so i will keep you all updated of my ups and downs of marathon training.

this was what my schedule looked like this week:

sunday: rest ;)
monday: 4 miles with 3 minutes of hills
tuesday: cross train, i chose 45 minutes of cycling (catie joined me)
wednesday: yoga
thursday: hour run
friday: rest
saturday: 6 miles

this week wasn't bad. i logged in 15.75 miles, plus cross training. slowly the mileage will increase and my endurance will too. catie spoiled me with a garmin watch that keeps track of your mileage, pace, laps, heart rate - basically everything but runs for me. it uploads to my computer all by itself and charts out all your information. it is pretty stinking cool. thanks sis!

hit the ground running tomorrow morning!

the next chapter

well our first precious baby girl starts kindergarten full time tomorrow. she has had a few transition days and a few rides on the bus, but now it is real. full time. i am so excited for her! she learned so much when she attended the parents day out program, so of course i am a bit worried that she may be bored. hopefully it will work out well. i took her and got her hair cut, above her shoulders, she looks so grown. she has a pair of capri's that are jean material and roll up with a wide cuff - she calls them her teenager pants. oh lord.

this weekend we signed her up for t-ball. wow. what is going on?? she will have a blast, i know. she wanted to sign up for soccer too, but i had to draw the line! she can do soccer in the spring and just get the hang of sports in general, this fall...
go get 'em kadence jayde gray.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

about time

man, no joke, it took four times to get these pictures uploaded. so here they are! this was our short time in indiana. eric took the kids to a small pond to fish. kambel was the only one who caught something - well eric did catch a turtle, but other than that no fish stories to brag about. kambel thought it was the neatest thing ever. this was the first 'bonding' time that ty and eric had together. it was right up ty's alley. kadence was okay with it all - a little sad that she couldn't catch anything, but was glad she was able to carry the bait (bread) in her purse. enjoy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

climb, baby, climb

i hate being in a slump. granted i don't have that much time to be in one, but one of those days that things just don't feel right - can really throw ya down! i think it has a bit to do with the weather here. it finally got hot. too hot to be outside during normal business hours, so that makes for long days. we all try to stay busy playing and coloring and dancing - but it is old!!

tonight the kids went to bed early with intentions of me climbing back out of the slump i am in. i put my laptop on the table with 3 nice piles of things to do - of which include updating my blog. so that is where i am.

in one of my piles of course is my favorite 'to do list'. on my list is a note that says "dental - me", meaning my cleaning is coming up. do you know i pulled my appointment card out and bam! it was today. what?? today. i missed it. i am such a looser. not only that, on sunday (only yesterday) was my grandma's 71st birthday... you guessed it. i missed it. i hate hate hate when i get like this. so like i said, this time is intended to climb back out of the slump i am in.

eric's mom, brother and his girl's were here to visit from thursday to sunday. it was nice to have company around and i know the girls had a blast playing with their cousins. we really didn't do much, just visited and relaxed... it was pretty hot the entire time they were here. having company really makes time go by without thinking of how long it will be until eric will return. next weekend my sister and brother in law will be here. catie will be able to stay a week, while chris will start his in processing at ft. campbell. that will be nice to have more family this way. plus he is a great babysitter!! love ya chris!

even though it is going to happen, these slumps that is, we can always get back out of them. the power of choices - gotta love 'em. so here is off to a better start tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

and on the fifth day

i cried. it took five days of eric being gone to let it loose, but i did. boo hoo. i know this is part of the game, but i don't want to play it that much longer. it is not easy being a part of the military. but eric is exceptional at what he does, not just in the army but in our family, and i know he is providing for us in so many ways. just hurry up and come home damn it.

y'all know that when eric came home we first went to indiana then onto florida, then i traveled to illinois for a few days. from the time i returned from illinois eric and i hit the ground running. this is a short list of the things we did around the house and other maintenance things in a matter of seven days...

~put mulch in the front yard, back yard and around trees
~cut down and removed three large (not to mention heavy) dead trees
~primed and painted the front door black
~fertilized and weed 'stopped' the lawn
~planted pots (not pot, but pots)
~emptied the attic and two storage closets, sorted and organized them all
~had a yard sale and made $100 (yes! look out chuck e. cheese)
~changed the front and back brakes on the expedition and had the roders turned
~changed the oil in the truck
~hung a screen door at the back door
~placed the last piece of trim on the hardwood floors down stairs

keep in mind the three kids running around while we are trying to get this stuff done. we spoiled them with trips to cici's pizza and chuck e. cheese. we were non-stop. i actually had to make eric stop and promise the last 4 days he would not do anything!

so you can imagine what it is like now not having any 'to do' lists to check off - or 'to do' lists to make for that matter. it is just hard to adjust so quickly, because truly there is no way to prepare. no way.